Terms & Conditions

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  1. The artwork remains property of Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre until payment for final price at the check-out has been deposited in our bank account.
  2. Our website accepts payments via PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and EFT. These payments are managed by PayPal or your bank. Karlangu is not responsible for issues and disputes related to PayPal or EFT method that purchasers use for payments.
  3. We use specialist companies to process and deliver our customer orders. Our delivery estimates are based on the information we receive from these companies. We only work with reputable companies, however there is a chance that sometimes due to unforeseen events deliveries might be delayed. In such circumstances we will do our best to rectify the problems and deliver customer orders as quickly as possible.
  4. All contents of this site, including images, text, site design, logos and graphics are property of Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre and cannot be copied. Un-authorised use and copy of the contents can be violation of copyright and trademark laws.
  5. All Prices are in Australian dollars. Prices may change without notice.
  6. After you place an order through our website you will receive an acknowledgement that your order has been registered in our website. The purchase will be final when we receive the payment in our bank account.
  7. When you order an artwork from Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre you will be given the option to insure it for loss or damages with the shipping company we use, DHL. We encourage you to insure the order. In case of damage or loss we will work with you to go through the shipper's claim process.
  8. If an artwork is listed incorrectly, due to error in information received from our suppliers, including incorrect price, Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre has the right to decline the order. In this case we will correct the information and inform the customer.
  9. If the price of artwork or shipping costs are calculated or announced incorrectly due to any type of error, including error in the website, our calculator, cash register, tax invoice or human error, Karlangu Abotiginal Art Centre has the right to decline the order. In this case we will correct the information and inform the customer.   
  10. Images of the artwork on our website have been produced in our gallery under our best possible lighting. The intensity of colors and precision of the image will depend on your computer settings and features. Please check the images properly as we do  not refund for sold artwork. We will be happy to provide more information or additional images if you require, prior to checkout.
  11. We do not have return/refund policy. Please make sure your decison is final when purchasing our artwork.
  12. Handling, storage and maintenance of the artwork may effect the artwork. Conditions of handling, storage or maintenance of the artwork is the responsibility of the owner of the artwork after purchase.
  13. If you leave a deposit for an artwork and change your mind, deposits are not refundable. You can use the deposit to purchase alternative artwork. 
  14. Import and customs regulations are different in countries around the world. It is impractical for us to know details of each country's regulations. Some countries may have lower import taxes for indigenous art. It is the customer's responsibility to be aware of import regulations that effect delivery of goods to their country of destination. Payment of import duties will be the responsibility of the customer.