Lungkata, Blue Tongue Lizard man and Two Jangalas

This story has been painted by some Aboriginal artists of Yuendumu community in Northern Territory, Australia.

 Story of Lungkata, the Blue tongue Lizard man, and his two Janagla sons.

The story happens in a community seventy kilometers south of Yuendumu. Lungkata was a very secretive man. He was rich but nobody knew what he had and where he got his wealth from.  

His two sons, jangalas, had been trying to find out his secrets. He wasn't happy about this and wanted to get them away, so he ordered them to go hunting, far away. They went away but couldn't hunt anything for a while, still curious, they cam back home. They didn't want to be seen empty handed so they killed the father's pet kangaroo and presented it to him as their hunt. Father found out the truth, got furious, cursed them and as blue tongue lizard, breathed fire out to the land. The fire took all the land and burned everything. The two jangalas run away but the fire caught up with them and burned them to bones. 


Sources : 

Rex Garnites Japanangka, Elder, arbitrator, teacher, speaker, Warlpiri tribe, Yuendumu  

Kenneth Walker Jakamarra. Artist, Warlpiri tribe, Yuendumu

Janet Long Nakamarra, Artist, Warlpiri tribe, Yuendumu

Two paintings of this story by two Warlpiri artists from Yuendumu and Papunya:






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