Bush Tucker

Bush Tucker is referred to all kind of food can be gathered from nature (not hunted).

Depending on the area of the Aboriginal tribe and the climate bush tuckers can be different.

In arid climate most of bush tuckers are in the ground, like Honey-Ants, Witchetty Grubs, Damper Seed, Sweet Potato, Bush Onion and so on.
Some other bush tuckers are on the ground like dried fruits (Bush Plum, Bush Banana), Eggs (Emu Egg and other birds Egg).

Some in the water like Turtle Egg, algaes and shells and the fresh fruits which are gathered from trees.

Most of gathering jobs are under Aboriginal women supervision (Aboriginal Men are usually in charge of hunting).

In the above picture, #1 is showing Sweet Potato, #2 Bush Eggplant in different stages #3 and #4 are showing mix of bush tuckers including Honey Ant, Witchetty Grub, Sweet Potato, Damper Seed, Bush Eggplant and Bush Plum.

Some of well-known Aboriginal artists who portray bush Tuckers in their painting and artworks are: Amanda Turner, Audrey Martin Napanangka, Bibi Barba, Doreen Dixon Nakamarra, Josie Petrick Kemarre, Kathleen Petyarre, Kathy Walker Nakamarra, Mary Naberaula, Nola Napangardi Wilson and Shirley Kaiditja Napangardi.

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