Coolamon is a bowl (a curved wooden tray) which has been used by many Aboriginal tribes especially by Aboriginal women as a gathering tool.

They use it as a dish to hold food, in the case of deep Coolamon as water carrier and even a rocker for putting babies to sleep.

Coolamon can be an oval cut-out of bark of some trees or a chunk of trunk or root of some trees that is scooped out by Aboriginal men or women. Box tree, Gidgee tree (some Acacia species), red gum tree etc. are seen amongst the timbers used in coolamons.



A coolamon used as a baby rocker:


A Coolamon and some traditional Aboriginal food (Bush Tuckers) in it:

In Karlangu Aboriginal Art entre yo can find authentic Coolamos crafted and decorated by Australian Aboriginal Artists from different Aboriginal tribes made ou of Australian native timberswith traditiona Aboriginal stories carved or painted on them.
 Yo see our range of Coolamons in the gallery you can click on the link below:
COOLAMON in the Gallery.

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