Bush Plum Dreaming

Bush plum (or Ahakeye in Anmatyere language) is a fruit the size of a grape which grows on a large shrubs throughout Central Australia.

It is also known as "Black Currant", "Bush Currant" or "Native Currant". It is, however neither related to "Plums" nor to true "Currants".

Bush Plum grows as a multi-stemmed shrub, 0.5 to 3 meters in height. The leaves are glossy green and 1-5 cm in length. The branches bear thorns of 1-3 cm length. White, star shaped flowers are about 1 cm across. The green berries are oval shape, 1-2 cm in length, which turn black or dark purple when ripe.


The knowledge of gathering and storing "Bush Plums" and scattering its seeds is referred to Bush Plum Dreaming.
Gracie (Pwerle) Morton is an Anmatyere artist. She depicts "Bush Plum Dreaming".



                     Ripe Bush Plum                             Raw Bush Plums


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