How to play the Didgeridoo

  1. Try to make your lips vibrate. For the best result, keep your cheeks in and make the vibrating part of the lips as small as possible. EXCERCISE:TRY TO VIBRATE YOUR LIPS LIKE YOU WANT TO MAKE BUBBLES.{wma}didgeridoos/Lips-viberation-1{/wma}
  2. Place both of your lips inside the mouth-piece of your didgeridoo and seal the top completely. Any air leakage causes the lower quality of sound.
  3. Vibrate your lips gently inside the didgeridoo. You can play from the side or with the middle of the lips.EXCERCISE:TRY TO MAKE DRONES. {wma}didgeridoos/Lips-viberation-2{/wma}
  4. The first goal after making the drone is to save air as long as you can. You might find it challenging first but after a week practice it becomes much easier. Easy enough so that you might continue for up to a minute with one breat.
  5. In the next step you need to vary the sound produced. It happens if you change your tongue's position. Pulling it back produces a higher pitch (like when you say "ee"). By loosening the tongue a lower pitch is created (like when you say "oo"). EXCERCISE:TRY TO SAY "EE-OO ... EE-OO WHILE YOU VIBATE YOUR LIPS. {wma}didgeridoos/Pitch-changing-1{/wma}
  6. Making rhythms can be achieved by striking the tip of your tongue to back of your incisors and making sound "Doo". When you change the pitch it might sound like "Dee". EXCERCISE:TRY TO SAY "DEE-DOO ... DEE-DOO SOUND WHILE YOU VIBATE YOUR LIPS.
    Playing without the didgeridoo {wma}didgeridoos/Pitch-changing-2{/wma}

    Playing with the didgeridoo {wma}didgeridoos/Pitch-changing-3{/wma}

Playing sample:


Below you can watch two videos about playing the Didgeridoo:

1) Didgeridoo playing techniques

2) Circular breathing for didgeridoo playing.


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