On this article you will find:
What is a didgeridoo?
How to play the Didgeridoo?
Heath benefits of didgeridoo.

What is a didgeridoo?

Didgeridoo is an ancient musical instrument which is basically a hollowed gumtree.
Termites eat the core of Eucalyptus trees and build nest inside it.
Aboriginal people clean the trunks or branches and in many cases decorate them.

There are lots of stories about how for the first time a didgeridoo has been used, some believe in natural coincidences and some refer to Mimi Spirits.

Like all wind instruments a Didgeridoo transforms a single frequency into a loud resonation. The mouth-piece helps lips to create the vibration and then tongue and vocal cords create the pitch and rhythm.

Article: How to play the Didgeridoo

 We just prepared two videos for YouTube which makes it easier for our customers to start playig the Didgeridoo, titled "Didgeridoo Playing Techniques" and "Circular Breathing for Didgeridoo playing".

You might like to read the following article on "The Sydney Morning Herald":
It's also said that playing a didgeridoo effects positively on Tinnitus, Sinusitis, Mal-digestion and it regulates breathing.
Because of better breathing, it helps improving delivery of Oxygen to brain cells and heart muscles and the rest of the body's organs.
Playing the didgeridoo helps a better sleep and thus reducing chance of building up Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

How to find a Didgeridoo is real (authentic)?
An authentic didgeridoo should be:
1) Eucalyptus. Other timbers, Bamboo, hemp and PVC even metal pipe can make sound but won't produce a natural sound like Eucalyptus
2) Hollowed naturally by Termites (White Ants) though to make it sound better, some didgeridoo makers use tools to clean inside of the instrument.
3) Also a good sound and back pressure which allows the player play the didgeridoo for a long period of time without much effort
4) Decoration on didgeridoo should be done by an Aboriginal man or woman.

Unfortunately there are plenty of fake and copies of Aboriginal artwork and Didgeridoos imported from Indonesia, Thailand or China in the market which makes people looking for the instrument confused.
More Heart breaking is introduction of the fake didgeridoos in some TV show.
Watch ABC article about authentic Aboriginal Artefacts.

At Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre we have a large variety of authentic didgeridoo coming from Northern Territory, New South Wales and Queensland. Karlangu Didgeridoo shop carries up to 200 didgeridoo and yidaki.



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