Seven Sisters

In the central desert region, they are said to be seven sisters fleeing from the unwelcome attentions of a man represented by some of the stars in Orion.

Elsie Granites Napanangka and her daughter Justinne Sims Napaltjarri know about this story and each one has their own versions.

 "Yanjirlpiri or Naparljarri-Warnu Jukurrpa (Star or Seven sisters Dreaming)" says Justinna "... depicts the story of seven ancestral Naparljarri (Napaltjarri) sisters who are found in the night sky today in the cluster of seven sisters, in the constallation Taurus more commonly known as Pleiades."

She continues; "The pleiades are seven women of Napaltjarri skin-group and often depicted in the painting of Jukurrpa, carrying the Jampijinpa man/ Wardilka (A bird called Australian Bustard or) [Ardetis australia] who is in love with Napaltjarri Warnu and who represents the Orion belt cluster of the stars."
"Jukurra-jukurra the morning star is a Jakamarra (/Jagamarra) man who is also in love with the seven Napaltjarri sisters and as often shown chasing them accross the night sky"

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Twelve versions of Seven Sister.

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