Rain and Lightning Dreaming (Ngapa Jukurrpa)
Rain and Lightning Dreaming (Ngapa Jukurrpa)
Artwork No: FNR-106
AUD$ 3200.00

" ... Ngapa Jukurrpa or Rain and Lightning Dreaming is the knowledge of cycle of water to ground and back to sky. That is why Aboriginals of Warlpiri tribe sometimes refer to it as Rain Dreaming. In Aboriginal art it is painted in different styles."

" ... The brown (Red-Oxide) curvy lines represent Lightning striking or Flood-water runing."

This painting is signed on the back by the artist and painted on canvas, already displayed in gallery. Below pictures show the painting in two different position displayed:


Felicity Nampijinpa Robertson inherited the dreaming from her father, renowned Aboriginal artist Shorty Jungala Robertson (1925-2014).

Below images show the artist while painting a similar artwork in the gallery:


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