On Country
On Country
Artwork No: DH-119
Artist: Dale Hunter
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AUD$ 2700.00
AUD$ 1350.00

On Country by Dale Hunter, Painted on Tasmanian Blackwood using Acrylic paint.

Statement by artist, Dale Hunter:

I would like to acknowledge that my art respects the power of the ancestral beings, expresses individual and group identity, and the relationship between people and the land.

A crucial factor in aboriginal culture is the transmission of myths and symbolism. Tasmanian Blackwood often portrays mythical beings within its grain, a natural phenomenon of the wood. Therefore, painting on Tasmanian Blackwood encourages this transmission because of the beautiful grain which is released when varnished.

The westernisation of the Australian aborigine is evident by the headscarf worn by this woman. It is also representative of the long arduous journeys undertaken by these nomadic hunter and gatherers. Often travelling at night under the guidance of the stars above, the women would then avoid the heat of the day. The colourful markings which are embedded within the headdress portray the many secret messages and symbols often hidden within aboriginal paintings. The sparkly colourful scarf also symbolises respect for our ancestral beings and the use of Aboriginal astronomy to determine land formations and seasonal change, time keeping as well as days, and beginning and ending of years.

This painting is branded with the number 61 and is signed by the artist.

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