My Mother
My Mother
Artwork No: DH-118
Artist: Dale Hunter


My Mother (gunhi, ngama, baba) By Dale Hunter. This artwork is painted on Tasmanian Blackwood.

Statement by artist, Dale Hunter:

I would like to acknowledge that my art respects the power of the ancestral beings, expresses individual and group identity, and the relationship between people and the land.

A crucial factor in Aboriginal culture is the transmission of myths and symbolism. Tasmanian Blackwood often portrays mythical beings within its grain, a natural phenomenon of the wood. Therefore, painting on Tasmanian Blackwood encourages this transmission because of the beautiful grain which is released when varnished.

This young woman has a sacred Dreaming. Traditionally, Aboriginal women would adorn their hair with twine made from native reeds or finely shredded animal skin as well as spun human hair. Westernisation gave way to the introduction of alternative headwear as symbolised by the headscarf. The patterning within the scarf identifies her connection to the dreaming, country, fertility and abundance for her mother the earth.

This painting is branded with the number 56 and is signed by the artist


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