Artwork No: DH-102
Artist: Dale Hunter
2 x 50
On Sale

AUD$ 15000.00
AUD$ 6000.00



Artist Statement about this artwork :


My art respects the power of the ancestral beings and the relationship between people and the land.

Traditional aboriginal culture uses the body as a transmitter of symbolism and mythology

The joining of lovers is symbolised by the scarring on the legs of this couple. His scarring also represents hierarchy within his tribe and to make him more attractive to women. The dilly bag, predominately yellow symbolises joy and delight and also the power of the sun, fertility and rebirth. The hair ornaments were usually made from cords bound together with vegetable fibres, and then dipped in animal fat painted in red ochre to symbolise their mother the earth.

Her necklace is made from sections of bird quills threaded on a string, the white colour symbolising past ancestors, also represented by the face painted on the male.

Their belts were made of several plaits of human hair, covered in red clay, and tied together.

Painted on prized Tasmanian Blackwood using acrylics, and milled from our property by my sculptor husband, creates stunning pieces of art.

I believe that artists leave part of themselves in their paintings, part of your soul or spirit. The indigenous artist Emily Kame Kingwarrare stated ‘you never lose your work, it is part of you, and it sings your soul to the viewer’

These painting are branded with the numbers 2 and 3 on the back and signed by the artist.


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