Long Time Dreaming - The Dance
Long Time Dreaming - The Dance
Artwork No: DH-110
Artist: Dale Hunter
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This painting is on a Tasmanian Blackwood board. Both sides are painted. Below are some words by the artist about the paintings on her artwork.

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 "Long Time Dreaming.
The Dance
My art respects the power of the ancestral beings, and the relationship between people and the land.
Traditional aboriginal culture uses the body as a transmitter of symbolism and mythology.
The open palm represents protection of what has been lost, whilst the baton displays the history of Tasmanian aborigines.
On the back are women crying. They fertilize the soil with their tears creating new life, and hope from their mother the earth.
The white strips on the woman are symbolic of past ancestors, this is also represented by the painted faces of the women crying.
This sculptural piece presented on a Blackwood easel, displays both sides of the artwork, and is reminiscent of a lean-to, the most common shelter used by aborigines. Each family would have their own gunya in the camp.
It was also waterproof and a fire could be lit outside for warmth.

Painted on prized Tasmanian Blackwood using acrylics, and milled from our property by my sculptor husband, creates a stunning piece of art.
I believe that artists leave part of themselves in their paintings, part of your soul or spirit. The indigenous artist Emily Kame Kingwarrare stated ‘you never lose your work, it is part of you, and it sings your soul to the viewer’
This painting is branded with the number 1 on the back and signed by the artist."



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