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In Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre's Didgeridoo shop you can find a large selection of authentic and traditional Didgeridoo with a high quality of workmanship and sound.

We have a large selection of Didgeridoos from NSW, Queensland and Northern Territory; painted, carved, burnt and plain.

Also our delivery services for the didgeridoo and other art and painting products have received the highest commendation by our customers.

In some books and articles the word "DIDGERIDOO" is also spelt as: DIDGERIDU, DIDJERIDU or DIDJERIDOO.

If you like to learn more about the Didgeridoo CLICK HERE please.


Artist: Michael Lyons
Size: 144 cm
Art No: DIDG-ML-164

Artist: Michael Lyons
Size: 147 cm
Art No: DIDG-ML-165

Artist: Michael Lyons
Size: 131 cm
Art No: DIDG-ML-116

Artist: Michael Lyons
Size: 144 cm
Art No: DIDG-ML-171

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