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Trephina Thanguwa (Sultan)
Born :1967
Location :Utopia, Northern Territory
Tribe :Luritja
Language :Anmatyerre


Trephina Thanguwa (Sultan)


Trephina Sultan Thanguwa (pronounced Thu-ng-oo-wu) was born in 1967 in Alice Spring, Northern Territory.

She is from Luritja tribe who grew up with many uncles, aunties and cousins. She had no siblings.

Trephina Thanguwa Sultan is a talented artist that started painting at very young age, inspired by watching most members of her family paint.

Her mother sent her to English speaking school in Alice Springs and English became Trephina's first language, however she did not forger her Luritja language.

Because Trephina speaks both languages very well, she works as an interpreter with different institutes, also a valuable contributor to an Aboriginal-English dictionary.

Trephina Sultan loves painting. She get inspired by sitting around the fire and speaking to "old people" of her tribe about her culture, songline, land, spirituality and country.

Trephina's Dreamings are "Tjanpi Kampanyi" (Burning Grass), "Kapi Nguru" (From Water), "Kamiku Ara" (Grandmothers Way) and "Mangarrpa" (Desert Oak Honey).











    Trephina Thanguwa (Sultan)


You are welcome to visit the art gallery to see Terphina Thanguwa and other aboriginal artists artwork on canvas, coolamon, didgeridoo, boomerang and pottery at: KARLANGU ABORIGINAL ART CENTRE, 47 York Street, Sydney, New South Wales, 2000, Australia

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