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Shane Haurama
Born :1965
Location :Northern Terriory
Tribe :Maningrida (Eastern Anhem-land)

Shane Haurama (Means Face Paint) was born in Maningrida, which is a indigenous community in the heart of Arnhem land, Northern Territory in 1965.

His childhood was past in Aligator river area East of Arnhem-Land where he learnt hunting techniques and use of hunting tools.

He started crafting artifacts since early age creating different kind of spears and Wiji (or Woomera is a tool to throw the spears), Totem poles, Mimis and Didgeridoos.

Followings are some of terms from Shane:
Wiji = Woomera = Atlatal
Wiriwi = Fighting Spear
Kulata = Hunting Spear



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