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Josie Petrick Kemarre
Born :c. 1945 or c. 1953
Location :Utopia, Northern Territory
Skin group :Kemarre
Language :Arrente


Josie (Josepha) Petrick Kemarre


Josie Petrick Kemarre was born around 1945 or 1953 (date uncertain) at Santa Teresa Mission, Northern Territory.

She lives a very traditional life, collecting bush foods, and participating in tribal ceremonies.

Josie Petrick Kemarre was married to Robin Petyarre (deceased), in a bush marriage ceremony and they had seven children.

Robin was brother to renowned artists, Ada Bird Petyarre, Kathleen Petyarre and Gloria Petyarre.

Josepha started painting acrylic on canvas in 1990. She paints the Bush Plum (or Bush Berry) Dreaming from her country. She depicts the bush plum in her paintings in vibrant colours including reds, blues and oranges.

The bush plum grows throughout Central Australia. The fruit is the size of a grape and is sweet.



               Raw and ripe Bush Plum (Bush Berry).

1996, Aboriginal Desert Art Gallery, Melbourne
1997/1999/2000, Aboriginal Art Galleries of Australia, Melbourne
2001, Embassy Australia, Washington, U.S.A
2003, Chapel off Chapel Gallery, Melbourne
2005, Wellington Gallery, Central, Hong Kong
2006, Aboriginal Artists from the Western and Central Desert, Without Pier Gallery, Cheltenham, VIC
2006, Women’s Show, Boscia Gallery, Melbourne, VIC
Feb - Mar 2008, Josie Petrick: Bush Berry Dreaming, Aranda Art, Melbourne

Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre, Sydney
Charles Sturt University Collection
Aboriginal Art Galleries of Australia



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