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Jorna Newberry
Born :1959
Location :Angus Down, Northern Territory
Tribe :Pitjantjatjara


Jorna Newberry


Jorna Newberry was born in 1959 in Angus Down in Northern Territory. She still lives in Angus Down most of the time which is an Indigenous owned land, about 320-500 hectare. Angus Down has significant aboriginal sacred sites (Tjukurpa-Indigenous law and knowledge). There are still ceremonies held in this place.

When Jorna is in Angus Down, she likes to go bush walking and bush food gathering with her children. She uses this opportunity to teach them the traditional life of the ancestors.

Jorna Newberry is the niece of famous Tommy Watson. She learned painting her dreaming from Tommy.


You are welcome to visit our art gallery to view Jorna Newberry and other aboriginal artists artwork on Linen/Canvas, Coolamon, Didgeridoo, Pottery and Boomerang at: Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre, 47 York street, Sydney, 2000, NSW, Australia

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