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Jeannie Mills Pwerle
Born :1965
Location :NT
Tribe :Anmatyerre
Skin group :Pwerle
Language :Anmatyerre

Jeannie Mills Pwerle is a traditional aboriginal artist from Anmatyerre tribe of Utopia in Northern Territory.

Jeannie learned painting growing up in a family of artists like her mother, Dolly Mills Petyarre, her uncle  Greeny Purvis Petyarre, and her aunts  Jeannie Pitjara and Rosemary Pitjara.

Jeannie’s art work started with participating in Batik making with a group of Utopia women in 1970s. She later started painting on Canvas. Her painting style is inspired by colors of nature and vegetation around her land. Her brush strokes are amazing, softly composed of multiple shades of colors, come in small rectangular blocks that are surrounded by white dots. This combination reflects colors of the nature around her birth place. 

Jeannie’s dreaming is Bush Yam.  This dreaming has been depicted by a number of other Utopia artists including the very famous Emily Kame Kngwarreye. Each one of these artists have their own inspiration or interpretation of the beauty of trees and land around Utopia and that is why their artworks are all different and individual.

Jeannie’s paintings have been exhibited in major galleries around Australia and some overseas galleries, like Art and Soul Gallery, Nashville, Tennessee, USA, etc... 

Artworks by this artist

Bush Yam
Art No:JMP-100
Size:70 X 92
Bush Yam
Art No:JMP-101
Size:94 X 109
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