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Ivan Nolan
Born :1954
Location :Dubbo, NSW
Tribe :Wiradjuri/Kamilaroi
Language :Wiradjuri/Kamilaroi


Ivan Nolan


Ivan Nolan was born in 1954 in Walgett, North West of New South Wales. During his childhood Ivan and his family lived on rural properties. Later on he moved to Dubbo in central west NSW where he completed his schooling and lived for many years.

Ivan's father is from the Wiradjuri tribe and his mother is from the Kamilaroi tribe.


From the age of 19 Ivan Nolan commenced an apprenticeship in the plastering trade. Later on he became interested in aboriginal art and began to do painting as a hobby. A few years later he began making boomerangs, didgeridoos and other artefacts and became a full time artist.


You are welcome to visit our art gallery to view Ivan Nolan and other aboriginal artists artwork on Linen/Canvas, Coolamon, Didgeridoo, Boomerang and Pottery at: Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre, 47 York St., Sydney, 2000, New South Wales, Australia

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