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Gladys Kemarre
Born :1937
Location :Atitjera (Harts Range), Northern Territory
Language :Anmatyerre


Gladys Kemarre


Gladys Kemarre also known as Glady Kemarre was born in 1937 on Mount Swan Station (as stated by Gladys Kemarre), Northern Territory.

Like most women aboriginal artists of her time, Gladys started with making Batiks. Later on, around late 1970 she started painting with acrylic on canvas. She took part in a Summer Project, Utopia Women's Painting (first works on canvas) 1988-1989.

Gladys Kemarre's Dreamings consist of Bush Plums, Wild Flowers and Bush men.


Major Collections:

Aboriginal Art Museum, The Netherlands

The National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

The National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

The Holmes a Court Collection, Perth


Major Overseas Exhibitions:

1996 - Nangara: The Australian Aboriginal Art Exhibition from the Ebbes Collection, Brugge, Belgium

1996 - Voices of the Earth: Paintings, Photography and Sculpture from Aboriginal Australia, Seoul, South Korea, Calcutta, India

1997 - Exposition collective, art d' Australie Equation


You are welcome to visit the art Gallery to view Gladys Kemarre and other aboriginal artists artwork on Linen/Canvas, Coolamon, Didgeridoo, Boomerang and Pottery at: KARLANGU ABORIGINAL ART CENTRE, 47 Yor St, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

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