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Elizabeth Marks Nakamarra
Born :1959
Location :Kintore, Northern Territory
Tribe :Pintupi
Language :Pintupi


Elizabeth Marks Nakamarra


Elizabeth Marks Nakamarra was born in 1959 in Papunya, Northern Territory. She is an aboriginal artist from Pintupi Tribe. Her father passed away when she was very young and she was raised by her step father Turkey Tolson, one of the founding members of Papunya Tula Artists. He taught Elizabeth about their culture.

Elizabeth studied in Alice Springs College for few of years and then became an active member of Kintore council for two years.

Elizabeth Marks Nakamarra was married to well known artist Mick Tjapaltjarri (deceased) and they had 3 children. She started painting from 1998, however before that she was helping her husband with his paintings.


You are welcome to visit our art gallery to view Elizabeth Marks Nakamarra and other aboriginal artists artwork on linen, canvas, coolamon, didgeridoo, pottery and boomerang at: Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre, 47 York street, Sydney, 2000, New South Wales, Australia

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