Artist Profile

Delores Furber Napaltjarri
Born :1958
Location :Santa Tersa, Northern Territory
Tribe :Arrente
Skin group :Napaltjarii
Language :Eastern Arrente


Delores Furber Napaltjarri


Delores Furber Napaltjarri was born in 1958 at Santa Teresa Community in Central Australia.

She is a talented artist, painting a few different dreaming of her father's tribe including Bush Onion, Bush Banana, Yam Leaves, Women's Ceremony and Spirit Dreaming.



                                     Delores Furber Napaltjarri


You are welcome to visit our art gallery to see Delores Furber Napaltjarri and other aboriginal artists artwork on linen/canvas, coolamon, didgeridoo, boomerang and pottery at: Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre, 47 York street, Sydney 2000, NSW, Australia

Artworks by this artist

Tree of life and its seeds
Art No:DF-102
Size:51 X 83
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