Artist Profile

Dale Hunter
Born :1959
Location :Tasmania
Tribe :Wiradjuri

Dale Hunter


Dale Hunter is an identified aborigine who was born in Melbourne Victoria in 1959. Her family are from the Wiradjuri mob in NSW, she currently lives in Tasmania.

Her art respects the power of the ancestral beings, expresses individual and group identity, and the relationship between people and the land.

Dale has a Fine Art Degree from the University of Tasmania. She also has a teaching degree as well as a Graduate Certificate in TESOL. She currently works as a school teacher in St Helens

Painting the Aboriginal image on Tasmania Blackwood creates a cultural connection with our mother the earth. The Blackwood manifests a hologram effect transcending time and place. Representational paintings of the indigenous body is the fundamental theme in her work.

Dale’s husband mills the timber from their 350acre property near St Helens in Tasmania. He resurrects dead Blackwood trees and turns them into a truly beautiful sculptural piece. After using acrylics to paint the wood, each piece is then varnished several times to enhance the natural grain of the Blackwood. Forged metal hangers are created individually for each unique and collectable piece of art.

The Blackwood which has absorbed the passing of time actively participates in the transmission of myths and symbolism. This artwork moves away from traditional dot painting.



You are welcome to visit our gallery to view Dale Hunter and other aboriginal artists artwork on Timber, Linen, Canvas, Didgeridoo, Boomerang, Coolamon and Potteries at: Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre, 47 York Street, Sydney, 2000, New South Wales, Australia



Artworks by this artist

Art No:DH-102
Size:2 x 50 X 210

Long Time Dreaming - The Dance
Art No:DH-110
Size:136 X 171

Malanga - Stolen Generation
Art No:DH-120
Size:21 X 30

On Country
Art No:DH-119
Size:33 X 56

My Mother
Art No:DH-118
Size:33 X 45
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