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Charmaine Pwerle

Charmaine Pula (Pwerle)


Charmaine Pula (Pwerle) is one of the young and well known Aboriginal artist of Utopia (an area located in the land of Anmatyerre people). 

She is from a family of famous artists. Her mother, Barbara Weir (who grew up with Emily Kame Kngwarreye), her grandmother Minnie Pwerle, her grandfather Motorcar Jim and aunties Gloria Petyarre and Kathleen Petyarre are all renowned artists from Utopia.




                     Charmaine Pula at Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre



You are welcome to visit our gallery at: Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre, 47 York Street Sydney, NSW, 2000

Artworks by this artist

Awelye (Women's ceremonial Body Paint)
Art No:CP-101
Size:70 X 100

Awelye (Women's ceremonial Body Paint)
Art No:CP-102
Size:70 X 100
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