Artist Profile

Brandon Porteous
Born :1973
Location :NSW
Tribe :Kamilaroi
Totem :Black Emu

 Brandon Porteous


Brandon Porteous was born in 1973 in New South Wales. He is from Kamilaroi tribe and he lives in Queensland now.

Brandon Porteous has been painting since 1990s, he creates beautiful paintings on canvas, didgeridoo and pottery.

Brandon was the youngest of 3 boys and he loved painting the dreamtime stories. He hopes that he can pass down these stories to the next generation and they too get as much satisfaction out of these stories and painting as he does.
As an aboriginal artist Brandon Porteous strive continuously to create new designs on a regular basis. He says "I love to tell these stories to the world through my art so that people might awaken and see what progress in land clearing is destroying. The most constant form of artistic inspiration is my ardent desire to witness the next generation of my people to see the rain forest the way I experienced it as a child".



                                             Painting by Brandon Porteous



You are welcome to visit our art gallery to view Brandon Porteous and other aboriginal artists artwork on canvas, coolamon, boomerang, didgeridoo and pottery at: Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre, 47 York Street, Sydney 2000, NSW, Australia


Artworks by this artist

Ceramic Vase (Hand painted)
Art No:VASE-BP-112
Size:11 X 29

Ceramic Plate (Hand Painted)
Art No:PLATE-BP-109

Boomerang & Stand H/painted
Size:7 X 30

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