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Bill (William) Wallace
Location :Coonamble
Tribe :Kamilaroi
Totem :Denawan (Emu)

William (Bill) Wallace

Bill Wallace is from the Kamilaroi Tribe and was born in Coonamble.

He was one of four children and attended Coonamble School with the (Denawan) Or (Emu) totem.

As soon as he could hold a paint brush, Bill started developing his skills as an artist. Without formal training, he has developed into a highly acclaimed aboriginal artist.

His work can be seen all over the land, including the world largest, 45 meters long boomerang in Darling Harbour.

Bill Wallace has created many murals, including the story and portrait of "Uncle Wesley Story Teller" which is displayed in the Blacktown Council chamber.



You are welcome to visit our art gallery to see Bill (William) Walace and other aboriginal artists artwork on canvas, didgeridoo, boomerang, pottery and coolamon at: KARLANGU ABORIGINAL ART CENTRE, 47 York Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

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