Artist Profile

Bibi Barba
Born :1968 May 2
Location :New South Wales
Tribe :Birrigubbi, QLD

Bibi Barba


Bibi Barba was born in 1968, in Roma, located in Mandandanji tribal area, in Queensland.

She was raised in Liverpool, Sydney, New South Wales.

Bibi Barba is a talented artist, very passionate about her art and her aboriginal heritage. She paints her mother and grandmother's dreamings.

Bibi Barba is an art teacher. And as she tells the story: "One day I had a phone call and They asked me to go and educate a mystery client and her children about Australian indigenous art and culture and teach them painting". Later I found out that she was the actress and director Angelina Jolie.

Bibi Barba's interview with ABC- Teaching Angelina Jolie and her family Aboriginal Art

An art lesson with Jolie/Pitt family Kirribilli artist Bibi Barba   



                       Bibi Barba at Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre


You are welcome to visit our gallery to see Bibi Barba and other aboriginal artists artwork on linen, canvas, boomerang, didgeridoo, coolamon and pottery at: Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre, 47 York Street, Sydney, 2000, New South Wales, Australia

Artworks by this artist

Art No:BB-118
Size:90 X 60

Flowers of Great Barrier Reef
Art No:BB-117
Size:90 X 120
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