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Audry Brumby
Born :1967
Location :Adelaide, South Australia
Tribe :Pitjantjatjara
Language :Anangu

Audry Brumby


Audry Brumby was born in 1967 in Ernabella, South Australia. She is one Adelaide's well known artist.

Audry is from the Pitjantjatjara people and speaks the Anangu language.

At the very young age, as most aboriginal women artist she started with batik painting and later on changed to painting on canvas with acrylic paint.

Audry Brumby is very passionate about her culture and painting and her works reflects dreaming, Bush Fire, Country Flora, Yam Leaves, Devils Marble, Bush Tucker and Travel Though her Country.



                         Audry Brumby


You are welcome to visit the art gallery to view Audry Brumby and other aboriginal artists art work on linen, canvas, boomerang, didgeridoo, coolamon and pottery at: KARLANGU ABORIGINAL ART CENTRE, 47 York Street, Sydney, New South Wales, 2000, Australia

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