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Anita Gibson Nakamarra
Born :1964
Location :Yuendumu, Northern Territory
Tribe :Pintupi
Skin group :Nakamarra


Anita Nakamarra Gibson


Anita Nakamarra Gibson was born in 1964. She is from Yuendumu, an Aboriginal community about 300km from Alice Springs.

Anita Gibson Nakamarra has been painting since 2009. She paints her Jukurrpa stories, Dreamings from her father's side, in particular Dreamings which relate directly to her land its features and the plants and animals that inhabit it.

Anita uses an unrestricted palette to develop a modern interpretation of her traditional culture, building on traditions that stretch back at least fifty millennia. Her dreamings are: Lightening (Wirnpa Jukurrpa ), Water (Ngapa Jukurrpa), Women's Dreaming (Karnta Jukurrpa) and Emu Dreaming (Yankirri Jukurrpa).

Anita Gibson Nakamarra is the daughter of well known artist, Nancy Napanangka Gibson. She has three brothers, one sister and two children, a son and a daughter.



 Anita Gibson Nakamarra


You are welcome to visit the art gallery to view Anita Gibson Nakamarra and other aboriginal artists artwork on linen/canvas, coolamon, boomerang, didgeridoo and pottery at: KARLANGU ABORIGINAL ART CENTRE, 47 York St., Sydney 2000, NSW, Australia

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