Four Stories
Four Stories
Artwork No: AMN-100
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Four Stories is a combination of stories which shows Bush Bean, Bush Tomato, Bush Potato and Water Dreaming.

The story of this artwork is about sacred sites which Warlpiri women attend for their traditional ceremonies that involve singing and dancing and traditional life style including bush tucker.

The painting is done by tradition artist Audrey Martin Napanangka, an elder of the tribe whose style has a lot in common with her cousins, the world famous artists Michael Nelson Jagamarra and Clifford possum Tjapaltjarri. The medium is Acrylic on primed Canvas.

At times this artist leads the traditional ceremonies of Warlpiri women and is a traditional singer and story teller of the tribe.

The painting condition is perfect and it is ready to hang (Stretched on a frame). It comes with a Certificate of authenticity, artist's profile and the artist photo with it.


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